Step 1:  Connect the speaker wire from the left (powered) speaker to the right (passive) speaker.

Step 2: Connect the power cable to the A5+ Wireless rear panel and plug the other end into an AC power outlet.

Step 3: Connect the wireless antenna to the A5+ Wireless rear panel.

Wireless Connection

Step 1: Turn on the A5+ Wireless power switch located on the rear panel.  A5+ Wireless will automatically go into "pair mode" and the Pair button on the rear panel should be flashing.

Step 2: On your device, turn on Bluetooth and go to Bluetooth preferences.  Select "Audioengine A5+" to pair and connect.  The Pair indicator on the A5+ Wireless rear panel should be solid.

Step 3: Play your music and adjust volume levels on A5+ Wireless and your device.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to add additional devices.  A5+ Wrireless can connet only to one device at a time but will remember up to six devices. 

To disconnect A5+ Wireless from a paired device and put the speakers back into pair mode, press and hold the Pair button on the A5+ Wireless rear panel until the pair indicator starts flashing.

Wired Connection

Step 1: Connect one of the included audio cables to your music player (phone, tablet, computer, TV, etc) and the other end to an input on the A5+ Wireless rear panel.

Step 2: Play your music and adjust the volume on the speakers and your device to the desired listening levels.