The most common reason why your order was cancelled is that the information you provided for your billing address or the card's security code does not match the information that your bank currently has on file. For security purposes, we have to cancel orders that fail this verification. Please contact your bank and make sure that they have your current address on file.

What went wrong?

  • The credit card information you provided may have been entered incorrectly.
  • The billing address you provided did not match what your card issuer has on file.
  • Your order may have been flagged by our fraud avoidance department.
  • The shipping address you provided may be to a freight forwarder (see here for more information).

What should I do now?

  • Verify that the billing address you're providing is the same one on file with your credit card issuer.
  • Try your order again and double-check your credit card number and CVC code on the back of the card.
  • Consider trying your order again using Paypal if that is a payment option for you.
  • And if you live outside of the contiguous United States, click here for a list of our authorized worldwide resellers.

Pending Charges

Please be aware that you are never charged for cancelled items. If you see a transaction on your statement immediately following the placement of your order, this is only an authorization, or pending transaction, that will eventually expire. The authorization only put the funds on hold and does not actually withdraw anything from your account. If you have any questions about these authorizations, please contact your credit card issuer.

And if you continue to have issues placing an order, you can open a Sales Inquiry ticket.