S8 troubleshooting tips

The following troubleshooting tips can help diagnose and correct most common issues with the S8.  We have attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible, so some of these may not apply to your issue, but please go through each tip and if the problem still persists then open a support ticket here

Be sure to include your results and we will then respond as quickly as possible and do our best to resolve the issue.

If the power indicator on the S8 rear panel is not illuminated, try these tips:

  1. Verify that the AC power cord is connected to the S8 rear panel and to a working AC power outlet.
  2. Check that the power switch on the S8 rear panel is in the ON position and the volume control is not turned all the way down.
  3. Confirm that the rear panel voltage selector matches the operating voltage in your country or region.
  4. If the power indicator on the rear panel still does not illuminate, check the fuse in the rear panel.  If the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced it is important to replace with same fuse type and value.

If the S8 is powered on but you are experiencing an audio-related issue, try these tips:

  1. Check that the cables from your music source to the S8 are properly connected by unplugging the cables and then reconnecting.  Try using the mini-jack (Input B) as well as the RCA connectors (Input A) to see how the sub reacts. 
  2. Check that the volume knob on the rear panel is not set to minimum volume.
  3. Verify that the volume levels of your audio source components, computer, etc are not set to minimum volume or powered off.
  4. If you are using any wireless adapters or other products with your sub, please remove the wireless device (temporarily) and connect the source directly to the sub.