The diagrams that follow show the most common setup and connection options to connect your S8 to other audio gear.

Option A

Connect a stereo RCA cable from your receiver’s preamp SUB OUTPUT to the S8 subwoofer INPUT.

  • If your receiver has a single (mono) SUB OUT, connect an RCA cable from this output to the S8 RCA right (R) input.
  • If your receiver has an LFE output, connect an RCA cable from this output to the S8 LFE IN.

Note: Your receiver’s manual should indicate which subwoofer connection is most appropriate.

Option B

Connect a mini-jack or RCA cable from any audio product (iPod, computer, CD player, TV, etc.) to one of the S8 INPUT connectors.

Option C

Connect a stereo RCA cable from your Audioengine 5+ LINE OUT into the S8 subwoofer INPUT.

Option D

Connect a stereo RCA-to-mini “Y” adapter cable from your receiver’s SUB OUTPUT into the Audioengine W3 Wireless Sender. Then

connect a mini-jack cable from the S8 INPUT to the Audioengine W3 Wireless Receiver.

For the full setup guide, download the attached PDF