Will the W2 work with my iPhone and iPad?

Yes, the W2 works with all iPads, iPhones, and most iPods using the 30-pin dock connection to transmit your music wirelessly to your stereo or powered speakers.

Will the W2 play streaming internet radio, audio from YouTube video, or music from Pandora?

Yes, with the latest update from Apple the W2 is capable of streaming the audio from apps like Pandora and YouTube.

How does the W2 connect to my stereo system?

The W2 Receiver has a 1/8" mini-jack output that will allow you to plug into the RCA or mini-jack inputs on a stereo system. We provide an RCA Y-cable adapter with the W2 that will convert your cables from 1/8" male to RCA female allowing for an easy connection.

Does the W2 iPod adapter work in a car and if it does, how so?

If you car has an auxiliary input on your car's stereo system (either 1/8" or RCA), then simply connect the W2 Receiver to a car power adapter and the audio output from the W2 Receiver to the audio input on your stereo system. This is a great way to get high-quality wireless audio in your car that sounds much (much) better than Bluetooth or FM transmitters.

Can the W2 handle streaming lossless audio file formats from my iPod, such as Apple Lossless?

Yes, the W2 and W3 adapters transmit any audio file format, even music with DRM protection.

Can the W2 send music from my iPod to my Bose Wave Radio in the kitchen?

Yes, the W2 can send any audio from your iPod to any product with a mini-jack or RCA input. This is a great product to make your existing audio gear work wirelessly with your iPod or iPhone.

The W2 Receiver has a USB plug. What's that for?

The USB connector on the W2 Receiver is for getting power from a charger or power supply, which is included - but you can also use any other USB power supply from an iPod, phone, etc.

Will any USB power supply or charger power the W2 Receiver?

Yes, any USB charger or power supply you may already have (iPod, phone charger, etc.) will work just fine. These power supplies/chargers can be found at your local electronics store or through our online store.

Does the W2 use the line-out of the iPod? If so, can you control the volume and all other iPod functions?

Yes, the W2 connects to the iPod through the iPod's dock connector while the Audioengine W1 uses the iPod headphone connection, both of which allow all iPod functions.

If I play a video or movie on my iPod, will the audio or music be in sync with the video?

Yes, the latency of our wireless products is under 20mSec, which means they work great with movies.

How do I connect my W2 wireless adapter into the Audioengine 2 powered speakers since they don't have a USB power plug built into the speakers?

Plug the W2 AC Power Supply (one adapter is included with the W2) into an AC outlet, connect the W2 Receiver into the adapter, and run the mini-jack cable from the Receiver to the A2's. Simple!

I've been using my W2 for a couple of weeks now. Great product! However, the Sender part seems to have stopped working entirely. What can I do?

Try resetting your iPod. This should solve the issue, no problem.