How can I switch between my computer speakers and the W1 on my Mac?
Easily switch between speakers and W1 in the Status Bar on a Mac without having to go into System Preferences/Sound to change inputs and outputs with the Audio Switcher program available here;

Does the W1 transmit a stereo signal?
Yes, each Sender/Receiver W1 pair transmits 16-bit stereo audio.
Can the W1 (and W2) handle streaming lossless audio file formats such as Apple Lossless?Yes, both wireless adapters transmit any audio file format with no compression or loss.

Do I need to install any drivers for the W1 wireless adapter?
The W1 is natively compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000/7 and Mac OSX. There are no drivers or software to install.

Can I use my computer speakers and the W1 at the same time?
The W1 essentially acts as your computer's sound card; so it is an either/or option, you either select your internal sound card to use or the W1. To use your computer speakers you simply select the sound card in your device settings or remove the W1 sender unit from your computer.

The W1 has a USB connector on the Sender and another on the Receiver. Does this mean that 2 computers required?
No! You don't need a computer to send wireless stereo audio - just power for the W1 Sender and Receiver dongles and RCA or mini-jack inputs and outputs on your music gear.

What wireless technology does the W1 use? Is it RF, FM, Bluetooth, 802.11, or something else?
The W1 is based on a proprietary wi-fi technology that uses the same frequency bands as 802.11.

The W1 seems to be designed for a computer but can I also send audio from a stereo located in one room to powered speakers in another room?
Yes, each Sender/Receiver AW1 pair transmits uncompressed stereo audio.

Can the W1 be used to send music from my Onkyo surround sound receiver to a pair of Audioengine powered speakers for rear surround speakers in a 5.1 system?
Yes, simply connect the W1 Sender to the rear channel preamp outputs on your surround receiver then connect the W1 Receiver to an input on Audioengine or any other powered speakers. The W1 has stereo (1/8") inputs and outputs that will also connect to RCA connector with the use of the included RCA Y-cable adapter.

I would like to use the W1 to make my subwoofer wireless. Can I do this?
Sure. Connect the W1 Sender to the subwoofer outputs on your A/V receiver and then connect the W1 Receiver to the audio inputs on your subwoofer. There are stereo 1/8" mini-jack inputs and outputs on the W1 that will allow you to make an RCA connection with the use of a Y-cable (which is included).

I'm interested in the W1 wireless adapter and the A2 speakers to extend TV sound into another room. Can I do this?
Yes, connect the W1 Sender to the line-leve outputs or headphone jack of the TV and the Receiver. You'll need a second USB power adapter or iPod charger for this application. These power supplies are inexpensive and can be found at your local Radio Shack or electronics store.

How do I use the W1 to get music to different stereo systems around my house?
To do this you would use multiple sets of the W1 to send wireless music throughout your house. We have customers that daisy-chain the W1 (and W2) together from the output of one audio system - your stereo or our powered speakers in the living room, for example - to another system in another part of the house such as a Bose Wave radio in the kitchen. This way you can either control audio from their computers or iPods, or even without a computer from any other audio gear depending on how you connect the W1 Senders and Receivers.

Can I use the W1 to also "daisy-chain" multiple Audioengine 5's to different rooms?
Yes! Connect the first W1 Sender to your music source (iPod, computer, etc.). Then connect the W1 Receiver into the A5 audio input and AC power. Connect the second W1 Sender into the "line out" from the rear of the A5. Finally, plug the second W1 Receiver into the second set of A5's. This sequence can be continued for up to 8 "daisy-chained" A5 systems and is a low-cost way to get high-quality music throughout your house.

Can one W1 Sender transmit music to more than one wireless Receiver?
The W1 doesn't broadcast simultaneously to multiple Receivers but you can "Hop" from one Receiver to another. Check out the W1 Setup Guide for "Pairing" and "Hopping" functions.

What is the full frequency response of the W1 and what do the frequency numbers shown in the W1 Setup Guide mean?
The full frequency response is 15Hz to 22KHz, +/- 1.5db. The numbers shown in the W1 Setup Guide are measurement points and not related to the overall bandwidth of the system. There's not need to show a spec for frequency range as the system transmits uncompressed PCM stereo audio (CD-quality) over using a protocol specifically designed for audio.

What makes Audioengine wireless products better than other wireless systems?
The features that we feel make our system better than most wireless products currently on the market are the overall ease of setup, fixed low latency, audio quality, lack of dropouts, and high interference tolerance - all the good stuff that's important for a wireless product to be of any real use.

What is the latency (audio delay) of the W1 system?
The W1 latency is under 20ms so it's perfect for using with video - home theater surround or basic 2-channel audio.

Can I use the W1 for my podcasting studio? I want a wireless mic to my computer's audio input.
Sure, this is a great application for the W1. You can use the W1 to replace any RCA or mini-jack cable, with or without a computer!

Why don't the W1 Sender and Receiver include rechargeable batteries inside?
We considered adding batteries but decided not to as this was primarily designed as a wireless connection from your stereo receiver to a subwoofer or from a laptop to your stereo or powered speakers. There are, however, 3rd-party battery packs available and a quick Google search will turn up some inexpensive options that work great!

Does the W1 adapter work in a car and if it does, how so?
If you car has an auxiliary input on your car's stereo system (either 1/8" or RCA), then simply connect the W1 Receiver to a USB car power adapter and the audio output from the W1 Receiver to the audio input on your stereo system.

Will any USB power supply or charger work with the W1?
Yes, any USB power supply adapter or iPod charger will work to power the W1 Sender or Receiver.

If I have 2 USB ports on my computer can I connect 2 W1s?
Two W1s can be used on one computer if you have two free USB ports. You would need to change the selection in your computer's audio preferences to switch between each Sender. Also, make sure to leave at least 6 inches between the units so there is no interference.

Can I set up a W1 to my Audioengine S8 subwoofer and then another W1 to my A2 speakers?
Yes, you can use multiple W1 sets (up to 8) to send stereo audio to different locations.

I own a Sony 7.1 STR Receiver and would like to use the W1 Wireless Audio Adapter to send a surround sound signal to my Audioengine A2 speakers. Can I do this?
Sure, as long as your amplifier, preamp, or receiver has RCA preamp outputs you can connect the W1 to send wireless music over to your A2 powered speakers. Very cool!

If I plug the W1 Sender into my computer's USB port do I also need to connect a cable from the Sender's input into my Dell laptop's headphone jack?
No, the W1 Sender will transmit USB audio directly to the Receiver so there's no need to connect to the headphone output on your computer.

I'd like to watch TV via headphones so that I don't disturb others and I have a Bose headset. Can I send wireless audio via the W1 wireless adapter from my TV to my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones?
Yes, the output of the W1 works great with headphones and you can control the volume with the TV remote.

Are there any applications for the Mac where I can switch between the W1 and my internal speakers or headphones without unplugging the W1 Sender or going to Preferences to change?
There's a free application from Spike Software called Audio Switcher. After you launch the program an icon shows up in the top menu bar that allows you to switch between W1 and your built in computer speakers. Works great!

Are the W1 and W2 Receivers the same?
Can I pair my W2 Sender with an W1 Receiver?Yes, both products use the same wireless Receiver and can be paired together.

I want to use the W1 to send music from my Squeezebox Radio to your A5 powered speakers. Can I use the W1 with a music source other than my computer?
Absolutely! Many of our customers use the W1 with their MP3 players, stereo receivers, CD players, powered speakers, satellite radios, etc. The W1 Sender and Receiver units connect to any gear that has an audio input and output (or headphone jack).

Will the W1 Wireless Audio Adapter accept an amplified speaker signal from a power amp?
The W1 replaces any "line-level" RCA or mini-jack audio cable but is not designed to connect directly to powered speaker outputs.

What is the lowest frequency that the W1 will pass? I want to make my subwoofer wireless and need to confirm they will transmit a low frequency signal, i.e. down to 20Hz.The W1 will easily handle low frequencies and is designed to transfer all music without any compression of loss.

If I have the W1 can I send audio to my passive rear channel surround speakers?
Sure, as long as you have a power amplifier to power your passive speakers, the W1 will work.

I use Apple's "Remote" application on my iPhone to control iTunes on my MacBook Pro but can I also use your W1 wireless adapter to get music from my computer wirelessly from my computer out to my stereo?
Yes, you can control iTunes with your iPhone and then send music from your Mac or PC out to your stereo system with the W1. Think of the W1 as an inexpensive way to get really high-quality wireless audio anywhere around the house. And no need to buy new gear as you can connect the W1 to all of your existing audio components.

The Audioengine W1 has 2 USB connectors, how do those work?
The USB connector on the Sender transmits USB audio from your computer OR you can plug any input into the audio connector on the other end (an iPod, stereo, etc.). The Receiver part is powered by a USB power supply or charger and sends out analog audio. Just keep in mind the W1 will work anywhere you want to replace an RCA cable or 1/8" mini-jack cable with wireless!

If i purchase multiple W1 sets will they interfere with each other when used in the same setup?
Up to 8 W1 pairs will play well together as long as you keep a minimum of 6 inches between each unit.